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how to discipline kids

Discipline Spelled Out

  How to discipline kids is something that all parents think about. And let's be honest, we dread it too. We're always torn about how to go about it and are often unsure … [Read More]

mother's day

If I Weren’t a Mother

If I weren’t a mother, I would have all the time in the world… to have a haircut, go to the salon, get lost in a book, lie down all day (my absolute dream). If I weren’t a … [Read More]


learning through play

Learning through play

Being a mom of two toddlers, I witness my children play… a lot! Most of the time, it can be noisy and messy, but sometimes it can also be quiet and effortless. It’s fun to see … [Read More...]

montessori at home

7 Things to Make for Your Child

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about being a Montessori teacher was creating materials for the children and the classroom. I have therefore always planned to do Montessori at home … [Read More...]


"I’ve only attended one of your seminars and boy, I was blown away. This was the ‘Start Your Homeschool Preschool’ this March. I haven’t thanked you personally for opening my eyes for such a wonderful experience, and when I read and answered your worksheets, I nearly cried. For so many years that I have stayed and taught in schools, I never knew that it would occur to me that homeschooling would be the best choice for my child as I want to be her best teacher." – Teacher Mommy Lui Rola
"I would like to say that your homeschooling posts are such inspirations to me and I enjoy reading them very much. I’m a big reader myself and would like to pass on the love of books to my son. I’m excited about the idea of teaching him using literature and starting the reading habit as early as possible." - Mommy Geng Martinez