Make Reading An Effective and Lasting Habit – A Free Parenting Seminar

I was thrilled when Vanessa of THE LEARNING LIBRARY emailed me a month ago, enthusing about this blog and online book shop, and wanting to meet because of our similar names (she’s library, I’m basket!) and same passion for children’s books. It was perfect timing because my bookshop partner, Sanne, and I were actually in the middle of planning our events and looking for a July venue.  

Though I have seen THE LEARNING LIBRARY’S branches around, I did not know anything about them. I visited their website and was amazed to find out that their programs are “anchored on a library of over 4,000 of the best children’s books” – heaven, if you ask me! 

As a reading advocate, their mission is very close to my heart: “To encourage and develop in children a lifelong love for reading that will make them smart, independent and insightful learners.” To top it off, they are also passionate about teaching good Filipino communication skills and fostering love of country in children through their Wika’y Ang Galing program. Kindred spirits, right?

The Gift of Reading

I really couldn’t have asked for a better partner for an event that Sanne and I have envisioned - an intimate gathering of parents who want to give the gift of reading to their children. 

So, please, come and join us in a free parenting seminar that The Learning Basket and THE LEARNING LIBRARY are jointly offering. Learn how to choose the best books AND get your kids to keep reading them. Learn the secrets to making reading a lifelong habit! 

We’ll also have storytelling plus arts and crafts, so bring the kids along! And of course, our wonderful selection of books will be there, so you’ll have a chance to bring home the books that will be discussed in our seminar.

Kindly leave a comment or send us an email at to make sure we have enough seats. Let us know also how old your child is.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Make magic!

  • Mariel @ The Learning Basket

    See you then! :)

  • Mariel @ The Learning Basket

    We’ll be happy to have you! :)

  • Imee Binay

    Hi, my husband, Joey and I will attend together with two of our book lover kids, Angela Jared, 11 and Mandi, 8. Thank you.See you! God bless!

  • cheng

    we’d love to join! will go with hubby and the 2 kiddos (10mos and 2yo) + yaya :)

  • Mariel @ The Learning Basket

    Hi! See you!

  • Mariel @ The Learning Basket

    Great! Looking forward to meeting you!

  • AJ Catungal

    Hi Teacher Mariel! We’d love to join :) Angel is 3.10 y/o :)

  • Janice Lim

    I’d love to come. Will bring along my hubby and kids ages 10, 9 and 1. :D

  • Mariel @ The Learning Basket

    See you there Daisy! And I’m glad you’re enjoying the books!

  • Daisy

    I’ll be joining too! Will be bringing my kids aged 4 and 3. My husband will also join, so that makes us 4! Looking forward to meeting you, so love the books I ordered from you! Thanks!

  • Mariel @ The Learning Basket

    Would be happy to meet you, Zendie!

  • Zendie

    Sounds exciting Ms. Mariel! :) I’m joining together with my 3.5yo daughter. Thank you! :)

  • Mariel @ The Learning Basket

    Looking forward to meeting you!

  • Fidji Frances Grace

    Coming! :) My son Boom (6y/o) and me <3 – fidji sarmiento

  • Mariel @ The Learning Basket

    Hi Mommy Cheryl! I replied to you in your email :)

  • Haocheryl

    how i wish i could join but baby is still 8months, he might disturb the seminar if he cries